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I have followed Tanya Burr for a while now over social media whether that be through her YouTube account, Instagram or twitter. I enjoy her videos and when I saw she was bringing out a brow palette I immediately wanted to try it and see if it was any good. I was sceptical at first like anyone would be with all the ‘celeb’ self-branded products; you never know if you are going to get something from out of kinder egg that falls apart after the first use. (You get what I’m trying to say) Tanya was a professional makeup artist so I was expecting a lot from this range.


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The first Tanya Burr lip-gloss that I purchased was called ‘just peachy’ and if I’m honest I didn’t really like it, it was VERY pigmented and probably was because I chose the wrong shade for me. It was from the old collection with the old packaging. The two that I have recently got given are two from the new collection carousel and diamonds are a girl’ s best friend which I absolutely LOVE. The clear one (diamonds are a girls best friend) is by far my favourite I love how it looks and feels, it’s not too gloopy and heavy.  I also really like the look of the new collection the packaging is a lot nicer than the old collection.

I was so impressed by all products that I bought or have been given from the Tanya Burr beauty collection. But by far my favourite is the brow palette! I was looking for a good affordable brow palette for a while before I bought the Tanya Burr one and I’ve not used anything else since.  There are four actual colours on the palette pebble, chestnut, and hot cocoa which you can mix to make the perfect colour for your brows. The extra colour (fairy cake) is to define the brows and really emphasis the shape you have made. The HUGE mirror that comes with the palette is so useful for when you are travelling and don’t have a big mirror to do your whole make-up. The palette comes with a brush and a pair of tweezers, I’ve used the tweezers for something else (that’s why they are not in the picture) Sorry! I don’t use the brush provided I use my body shape brow brush-which I love- and every time I use this palette my friends are always so impressed as well. I’m not overly keen about the packaging of this product and it’s definitely aimed at her younger viewers but the product itself is such good quality.

I’m looking forward to trying some more of her products because I was so impressed with these.

Let me know if you have tried any of her products and what you think bad or good.

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