All about THAT base, bout that base

You will thank me for this!

I’ve always been that girl who doesn’t care much about primers, I was sure it was a well kept secret by the beauty industry just to get us to spend more money on something that is totally a wasted step in our beauty routines. Boy O boy have my views been changed by THIS primer. *wide eye emoji*

This is the La Roche Posay BB creme Hydreane BB creme   I was stuck in a rut with my skincare and whatever I put on make up wise just sat there and looked dull, even the creamiest and most blendable concealer. It all just looked caked on and nothing looked fresh and dewy anymore.  I was considering maybe changing my moisturiser, but when I was looking around boots I found this! Thought why not?! Let’s give this a try.

Since I’ve used this I’ve not been dissapointed, I have been using it as a primer, but La Roche Posay recommend that you use it as your “make-up basis or daily moisturiser”. It’s not going to cost you the earth either £15 for 40ml and you only need to use a small amount each time because it really does bring the drewyness but not in a shiny sweaty way in a way that says I’ve slept for days!

Its honestly one of my favourite products in my current makeup favourites, its kind to your skin and makes you look like you’ve drank all the water and your skin is super hydrated and you’ve slept for days. Trust me! You will love it.


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