Holiday Essentials

Holidaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! Who doesn’t look forward to a break away from life’s everyday routine. It doesn’t matter what sort of holiday you are going on, just chilling and relaxing in the sun or a jam packed active winter sports holiday these essentials will get you through. I went on a chilling in the sun holiday so here’s how I used these essentials…

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel- Just the perfect cleanser, if you’ve read anything before on my blog you will know that I’m a massive fan of anything Oskia. This was just the perfect thing for my face after a whole day of sun cream and a whole night of makeup. I didn’t get one single spot, which is honestly a very rare thing for me in a humid and sweaty environment.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream (All over miracle Oil)- My mum actually bought this in duty free on the plane and it was the BEST thing she could have ever purchased. I’m a big fan of the eight hour range and think its really worth its money and this ABSOLUTELY was! I have dry skin and after beach and pool days where your skin can really dry up in the heat, this was the perfect remedy for it. My skin just drank up the oil, I used it all of my body and on my face. I used to have small lumps on the backs of my arms (mum told me its because of too much Keratin in the body) and using this REALLY REALLY helped. Its the only product I’ve tried that has helped with that problem.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour lip cream- This just kept my lips really hydrated in the heat and the added SPF was perfect for around the pool.

Mitchum Deodorant- Everyone needs a good deodorant that they trust in hot climates and this is definitely mine, It actually works!

Mint Julips (LUSH)- I didn’t really use this that much while on holiday because my lips were kept so hydrated by the lip products I bought. I did use it before applying a matt lip colour just to make sure I had that smooth finish.

Nivea Soft Moisturiser- I used this to just give my body a deep soak in moisture overnight on the nights I didn’t use the eight hour oil.

Nivea Lip butter- Another product to really keep the lips hydrated because sea air, mixed with heat, mixed with chlorine mixed with dust and dirt isn’t kind to your lips.

Venus travel size razor- Every girl needs a perfectly sized razor for any sort of holiday, especially one where you are going to be wearing any swim wear!

Essential hair products- Again, all girls (or men who have long hair) know the importance of the essential hair grips and toggles, that always seem to be last minute airport buys because you forget to pack them!

Hope you liked a look at my holiday essentials, what are yours? Let me know




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