January Favourites



Let’s talk about favourites! I’m going to try something different this year with my favourites post; they used to be over informative (I think anyway) with lots of information from where I got it from and how much it cost, to why and how I’ve loved it. All of that is great but I wanted to try something a bit different this year. If you guys really don’t like it then we can go back to the old way of things and that’s absolutely fine. All the products are linked below so it should make it much easier for you to find them all!

So ten things that I’ve loved this month. There is a lot of beauty this month just because I’ve been watching a lot of beauty videos and have maybe spent a lot (eeeek!)

The Glossier boy brow is just THE perfect brow combo for me, teamed with the Tanya Burr Cosmetics Selfie sculpt pencil. I had been looking for the right shade of the selfie sculpt pencil for ages and couldn’t find it but once I did,let me tell you, it was worth that wait! And the boy brow just keeps it all in place and gives a lovely natural look.

As you can see, I couldn’t wait to use this New Look palette. Apart from the fact that it was super cheap, the colours are gorgeous. You get what you pay for in this palette. There is quite a lot of fall down of product when applying and the longevity of colour stay isn’t that great but the colours blend well and the shimmer shade is gorgeous and really pigmented.

For my lower lashes I’ve only been using the MAC extended play gigablack lash after watching the Chapman sisters from pixiwoo rave about it. It’s everything I expected and I don’t think I will use anything else on my lower lashes. I’m still struggling with a mascara to hold my curl on my top lashes, so if any of you can recommend one please let me know! Staying with the MAC theme, I’ve tried out the MAC Mineralize Skinfinish after watching Anna from The Anne Edit mention it in her videos and I’m literally in love! I love a dewy finish but was finding that in photos I was looking really shiny. This completely stopped that for me!

Talking of the pixiwoo sisters their Real Techniques contour brush has completely saved me this month in terms of applying my contour. I used to use their angled blush brush but always felt it put too much product onto my face, however this has just been perfect! I’ve switched up my contour powder this month and have been using the Benefit Hoola matte bronzer. I’ve loved this because there is no shimmer to it and its a nice warm shade that suits my skin tone.

The This Works deep sleep pillow spray is just something from heaven! If you are one of my friends or family you are probably sick of me talking about this product, I’ve raved about it all month! I’ve always been someone who struggles with sleep and falling to sleep. This 100% has helped me achieve a better sleep routine this month. HIGHLY recommend.

For my hair…. I’m not someone who massively looks after my hair other than getting it cut regularly. I don’t do hair masks or treatments or anything like that. My mum gave me a Morrocon Hair oil gift set for Christmas and I’ve fallen in love with it! It completely transforms my curls and even though its an oil, it doesn’t make my hair greasy. Another product that I would highly recommend.

My mum also gave me these cute pens for Christmas from Kate Spade and I absolutely LOVE THEM! I have one in my handbag and basically use them all the time! I can’t find a link for them but her new collection look incredible too! I’m a massive Kate Spade Fan!
Let me know if you have any of these products and love them already or if you have been wanting to try them and are so so tempted.


  1. Becky
    2nd February 2018 / 3:22 am

    Definitely want to try that pillow spray!!!!

    • Lydia White
      4th February 2018 / 10:40 pm

      It’s INCREDIBLE! They do a baby one too!!!

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