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OPI Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener AND OPI Avoplex Nail and Cuticle Replenishing Oil


I got given these products by my mum as a present when we visited a spa. I’ve always known that OPI products are good quality. As a nurse I should know how important hand and nail care is. On a side note I need to get a lot better at moisturising my hands and cuticle care.  My hands and cuticles can get very dry. Whenever I go for a pedicure I always get told my cuticles are really dry and I need to take better care of them.

I had these products lying around and hadn’t used them yet so thought I would use them and tell you guys what I thought. My nails really thanked me for a good treat.

Personally I would use the nail strengthener first and then use the cuticle replenishing oil after, just because the replenishing oil gives the nails a nice finish and is very moisturising. You could use them separately if you wanted to, you don’t need to use them both together. BUT by using them together you just give your nails a real treat.

Comment below and let me know what you think of these products and if you have used them.

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