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I have been looking for these two make up products for a long time and haven’t found anything on the high street that can compete with them yet.

I have very straight eyelashes, i.e. they don’t curl very well and if they do they never hold the curl for long, even with an eye lash curler and a lot of mascara! They are so straight that I even considered undergoing that treatment where you can get them curled and it holds for 3 months or something similar. So when I found this product I jumped at the chance to try it. It’s the 24 hour Supercurler mascara from Rimmel.

There is a video on the Rimmel website that shows you how to get the best results from the mascara. If you want to have a look, head over to the Rimmel website and watch it.  It quickly goes through the steps of coating the top lashes having the brush upside down first, then place the brush the other way so that it’s hugging your lashes and wiggle it up and out to get the maximum volume and curl from the mascara. After you have done that you can use your brush vertically to go through and give each lash a bit of extra volume if you want to.

You definitely get great results when used properly, and it really does hold for a long time. Would definitely recommend this product especially if you have trouble with your lashes like me!

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The next product was the Rimmel Match Perfection Concealer.

This can be used as a 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter. It is a skin tone adapting concealer which conceals signs of fatigue and highlights and illuminates the eye area. The precision brush is perfect for the delicate under-eye area. I just LOVED this! It blends so well and really does hide dark circles. I applied this before applying my foundation, and then also applied it under the eyes and then around my nose i.e. areas where my foundation doesn’t normally last for long and this product has really lasting power. I was extremely impressed and would definitely recommend this to anyone.

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Comment below if you have used either of these products and what you think of them!

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