Stay safe In The Sun

When I was planning my packing (yes! I am one of those people who plans what they are going to pack) I really wanted to get some really good sun cream, I’m a person who tends to burn rather than tan and actually skin cancer runs quite high in my family, so I was keen to get in that higher factor coverage. After a bit of reading around and asking friends these two products seem to come highly recommend.

I took a gamble taking these because I had never used them before BUT I wasn’t let down.


I used the La Rouche- Posay anthelios XL SPF 50+ Comfort Cream on my face everyday and didn’t burn AT ALL! Which is VERY rare for me. I did have to  re apply it once and sometimes even twice a day, (which is usual for any sun cream)

In the past when I’ve used other sun creams on my face I’ve really broken out in spots all over, I didn’t break out AT ALL!! with this formula. *HAPPY DAYS* I would highly recommend this brand to anyone who wants really good coverage in the sun. They have loads of different formulas depending on your skin type.

The brand I chose to go with for all over was P20 whose unique selling point was that you didn’t have to reapply for 10 HOURS! Again I wanted to go with a high SPF for all over and to my surprise I came back from holiday with a lovely all over bronzed glow. Anyway, i’m getting carried away… back to when I was on holiday…. The only thing I found with the P20 is that I did have to reapply this one at least once or twice a day but then again I was swimming, sliding down water slides, and in the sea. But again even with all that activity I didn’t burn even when in the high times!

Basically ladies and gents stay safe in the sun and if your looking for products that do exactly what they say they do and are reliable these two are your answers!

Hope you are all looking forward to some fun in the sun

Till next time,



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