FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! Canterbury Edition

I’m definitely a foodie! Who isn’t?!? I love preparing, cooking and eating food, I’ve recently got really into cooking and making the food I love! My snapchats (@lw002) and Instagram posts (@life_by_lyd) are always full of food photos. So I thought I’d share a few of places that I absolutely LOVE to go in Canterbury. If you guys like this post I might think about doing something like this for some other places I visit regularly. Let me know in the comments below.

Micro roastery is a fairly new discovery and if I’m being honest my good friend Anna is the one who recommended I go there and ever since my first visit I just can’t get enough. Its small but when I’ve been its never been overwhelmingly busy, it’s the kind of place you can go and read for ages, or take your laptop and browse, or just sit and relax for ages. I LOVE it! And I’m not lying when I say they do the BEST gluten free caramel brownie! EVER!!! You won’t ever want something else after you’ve tried this I promise.

If you’ve been around here for a while or know me a smidge it’s no surprise that Kitch makes it in here. Since I moved to Canterbury 6 years ago I’ve always loved this place and it’s been great to see them go from strength to strength. At peak times it gets super busy in here and you might struggle to find a table but if that happens then definitely make the effort and come back because it’s something you won’t want to miss. PROMISE! Great food, great staff and just an all-round lovely place to eat.

Browlee and ivy is a lovely independent coffee shop above Waterstones that has a beautiful view, honestly even if you don’t get to sit near a window make sure you sneak a peek before you leave. It’s also a chilled out place to go where you can escape the busy streets of Canterbury and read and just relax, again this place can get quite busy at peak times but I’ve always got a table. Just another lovely place to relax, write, read or work.

The Water Lane coffeehouse is another independent coffee shop (Sensing a love for coffee aren’t we?) but they honestly have some great coffee here, I’ve never been disappointed with a cup of coffee I’ve had from here. It’s also a very relaxed environment where you are able to slip away from the business of town and sit by the river. It’s the place where the river tours is run out of and if you are visiting Canterbury I would also recommend having a punt, if nothing else its A LOT of fun.

Hope you like this very quick review of some of my favourite places to visit in Canterbury.




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