Arden’s Petites Macaroons

I’ve always dreamed of sipping on champagne and eatingmacaroons in the romantic city of Paris staring at the Eiffel tower, completely lit up by beautiful fairy lights.


Let’s get back to reality now…I picked these up in Waitrose in the biscuit aisle for £2.89 for 6 of them. And as you guys can probably tell my love of Macaroons just overtook and I took these straight to the counter. I wasn’t disappointed when I got home sat down with a nice cup of tea (not champagne) and tried these. They were DELICIOUS! I tried the strawberry ones (as you can probably tell) .

Arden’s do a couple of different flavours such as chocolate, lemon and pistachio. They also have a wide range of other products to try.  I will definitely be getting myself down to Waitorse and trying some of the other flavours, i’m excited to try the chocolate ones!

Comment below if you have tried any of the Arden’s products or tell me what your favourite flavour was.




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  1. Funmi
    18th September 2015 / 9:30 pm

    I love your blog!! Beautiful blog by a beautiful girl xxxx

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