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With this whole new #cleaneating #healthy #cleanrecipes #healthychoice #vegan and all the other hashtags that are constantly appearing on Instagram and other social media sites, I have been enjoying trying a lot more of the healthy alternative snacks. With these chia seeds being the latest craze, I was excited to see these in the fridges at waitrose and I have really been enjoying these new Chia pod snacks.




This Chia pod is the perfect energy boosting breakfast or snack, the pods contains sun ripened chia seeds mixed with fruit and coconut milk. They are #dairyfree and #glutenfree #vegan, Chia Pods contain 3g of omega-3 and 6g of dietary fibre, they are additive free and preservative free as well. The chia pod packaging is 100% recyclable from the lid to the spoon. It comes with a little spoon as well which is extremely convenient for on the go snacks, and has the added bonus of it being healthy aswell.

I picked up these chia pods in the vanilla bean and the mango flavour from waitrose at the price of £2.40 which I personally think is a bit pricy. Although I have really been enjoying these chia pods I wouldn’t buy them for everyday use, I think they are too expensive! I don’t disagree that they are good for you and will definitely keep buying them when I go into waitrose but if the price was a little lower I would be buying them every day! Having said that, these chia pods are also available in banana and blueberry flavours but I haven’t found them anywhere, if you have seen the other flavours around please comment below and let me know where I can find them because I would love to try all the flavours.

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