Easter MiniEgg Cornflake Cakes

I started to work on this blog post before the whole Corona quarentine thing happened. As most of you know I’m a nurse and as you can imagine I haven’t had much time off since this whole pandemic thing started….I really wanted to still put out this post but I’ve been really thinking about whether or not it is the right thing to do.

After a lot of thought on in I finally settled on a yes. People need light relief now more than ever and they are finding that in books, blogs, youtube etc. I had already shot all the content for this post already in a time when you could buy ingredients easily and there wasnt any stockpilling going on or any and wide spread panic about pasta and toilet roll.

Since the majority of people are stuck inside and baking is a great thing to do to pass some time, I thought this would be something you could do at home, some nice light relief from the news one evening.

Ingredients you will need: (makes 22)

200grams of any type of chocolate you like (this can be vegan if you are vegan)

200grams of cornflakes

Mini eggs for decoration (and eating while you bake)

1 teaspoon of butter (I added a little teaspoon of butter to the chocolate while it was melting to help make it look all shiny and smooth)

I melted it in a pyrex bowl over boiling water. TOP TIP: Don’t keepthe water at the highest temperature the whole time, once it starts to melt turn it down to a medium heat
Step 2: Once all the chocolate is melted then add the cornflakes in slowly mixing as you go.
Step 3: Once you spoon the mixture into cupcake cases I put mine in fridge for them to set. They need around 2 hours, I actually went to the cinema and by the time I came back they were perfectly set.

Step 4: Add your mini eggs onto for decoration before you pop them into the fridge
These are the extras we made with the mixture, we just spooned these into the cupcake cases.
Step 5: Enjoy your treats!!
Here is the finished product. These didn’t last long, my sister helped me make them while she was staying with me. My brother in law and husband also loved them.

If you do make these during your quarentine please tag me in them, I love seeing what you guys are up to. Let me know if you would like any other baking posts.


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  1. Grace
    2nd April 2020 / 3:29 pm

    These were delicious! Definitely recommend Cadburys chocolate, it is my personal favourite!!! Such a simple thing to make but they look and taste amazing when they are done! Also probably a lovely thing to do with the family ^^

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