Sprinkles Gelato

Every once and a while its important to treat yourself and I think I’ve found a lovely place to do just that!

Sprinkles Gelato is a south England dessert based parlour, which began its journey in Southampton Porstwood in 2012. Sprinkles make authentic and freshly made gelato with an emphasis on sourcing and using the highest quality ingredients. From gelatos, sundaes, waffles, crepes and shakes you are bound to find something that you love! All the treats are made to order, so the waffles and crepes are hot so that the ice cream melts and everything just looks and tastes delicious.

Waffles start at a price of £4.00 and can go up to £5.50, crepes start at £3.50 and can go up to £5.00. I think the pricing is reasonable and well worth it. I’ve only visited the Southampton (Portswood branch) and every time I’ve visited it’s been a great experience, I actually haven’t been able to finish the crepe or the waffle each time I have visited. You get your monies worth!

Sprinkles have a range of branches, including London, Bournemouth, and Portsmouth, if you are ever in the area I would encourage visiting.

Comment below is you have visited a sprinkles store and what you thought of it!

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