Christmas At ASDA

To get into the festive spirit this year I wanted to try and make a Christmas dinner with all the trimings for my friends, and when thinking where the best place to get all my Christmas supplies the only place I could think of was ASDA! This Christmas you can really get into the Christmas spirit and you don’t need to empty your bank account. 

If any of you have visited Asda this festive season then you will know how INCREDIBLE their selection of Christmas food, presents and extras are! I managed to get my whole Christmas supply with crackers, table cloth and christmas candle included for ONLY £54.50. After slaving away in the kitchen and enjoying the delicious food I thought I would like to share this with you lovely people so I am 🙂

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I didn’t skimp when choosing the food and got everything from vegetables to stuffing and even sausages in bacon! The only thing I would say was different is I bought a chicken instead of a Turkey. I even managed to get Prosecco and THREE bottles of schloer for drinks!! I was so impressed when I got to the till and the bill came to ONLY £54.50!! I couldn’t believe it.

I know this is going to sound crazy but… Asda is one of the first places that I felt festive this year. I don’t know if it was because of the impressive selection in the incredible Christmas aisle or for the variety of Christmas jumpers but it just got me thinking about Christmas and inspired me to even attempt a Christmas dinner!!!

Just so you guys know exactly what I bought I thought I would tell you EXACTTLY what I bought. To set the mood I bought a Christmas candle, a poinsettia and a table cloth and some extra special Christmas crackers. For mains we had chicken, stuffing, roast potatoes, mixed vegetables, sweet potato mash, sausages wrapped in bacon and yorkshire puddings and gravy, Like I said before I also bought schloer and prosecco for drinks. For desert we had pavlova and whipped cream with mixed berries and baileys double cream for those who wanted it. And I even managed to sqeeze in some after eights for the after eight game OFCOURSE!! So all that came to the grand old price of £54.50!!  I just wanted to encourage you all that its easier and CHEAPER than you think to make and host a Christmas dinner.

Happy holidays everyone!!

Till next time,



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