FIVE Things That Made Me Fall Back In Love With Blogging

I love blogging DUH! Otherwise why would I spend most of my free time sitting at my laptop reading blog posts, gaining different ideas and writing my own posts?!? Having said that I think blogging can be a very lonely thing sometimes. You sit at a laptop and spend time and effort on your material and then put it out there into the world and wait for people to respond…

So, I’ve found FIVE ways to make me fall in love with blogging again

ONE: Get a new swishy theme, I spend waaaaay to long choosing my new theme but now that I have it I LOVE it, it inspires me to make better content and to work harder. If you are struggling from writers block I encourage you to get a new theme, REVAMP your blog and trust me you will feel better!

TWO: Get a camera! Not and Iphone camera an actual camera, since I got my camera at christmas its inspired me to take better pictures. The pictures are better quality and that then inspires me to make better blog posts.

THREE: Spread the love! Find other bloggers out there that you love and engage with them on social media, read their blogs, like their posts and engage on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

FOUR: Don’t put pressure on yourself! I blog as a hobby, and I do it for myself, I love seeing the content I create and find it exciting, although I would LOVE it to be my full time job you know the bills have to be paid and that’s not an option for me right now. So upload for YOU but also appreciate your audience because without them their is NO blog success

FIVE: My last one is simple but is overlooked A LOT! just keep reminding yourself why you love it and you will keep coming back to it!

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