YES! These are the Lean Machines  coconut and chocolate cookies. I absolutely LOVE these!!!!




First off… BLOGGER FAIL!!! I got a new camera (yes these photos were not taken on my iphone) SHOCK!!! And didn’t change the settings to take off the time and date stamp in corner. I quickly figured that out after taking ALL the photos for this post…. so excuse that…. Anyways…Who doesn’t LOVE a good girlie night filled with sugar, face masks and all the catch up’s.

I kinda love that there are now SOOO many new variations of valentines day like galentines/palentines/ single appreciation day and all that jazz, i’m just the sort of person who loves an excuse to give someone a gift or tell them how appreciated they are.

I can almost hear ALL the people screaming at me ‘you have a boyfriend shut up and sit down’ SIDENOTE!! I’ve always loved valentines day even before I was in a relationship and PLUS! valentines just celebrates love not only romantic love.

Why shouldn’t you give your girlfriends gifts every single day?! GO ON! DO IT! I personally really love celebrating any occasion, any excuse to give a gift is right up my street. So why not? Go on! tell someone you appreciate them you don’t know how much they will appreciate it.





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