This Week In Photos- Week Eighteen

I’ve had another break with these again… everything has been a bit more hectic now that the UK is opening up a bit and we can travel more and see family. So we have been doing just that, we have been travelling and seeing family. Enjoying the moments and really making memories with each other. I’m thinking of doing these once every two weeks instead of once every week.

There has been A LOT going on, so lets get right into it.

Me and matt have been having the best times together.
Costa now have these AMAZING charging stations!
This cookie from Flavour Town is actually fantastic!
Watched Brigerton and LOVED it!
Caught up with some friends in the park, the british weather played a big part in cutting our visit short
Got a new dress from Sainsburys
Did lots of Long Days! and was exhausted for most of it!
Matt ran a half marathon and I’m SO proud of him!

Would love to hear what you guys have been up to…. it’s been such a long time since hearing from you. I know this is a long one. It’s been such a long time since I updated you all that I hope you enjoy this little bit of a longer post.


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