This Week In Pictures-Week Three

Another week and another photo drop. I hope you are enjoying these weekly snap shots of Lockdown 3.0!

This week there has definitely been a highlight and that is for sure the SNOW! It’s been something out of the ordinary which is definitely welcomed at the moment. This week I’ve been on a mixture of nights, days and clinic days and its been a bit confusing for the body clock.

Of course this is how I spent most of my week,
Post nights breakfasts are the best
Hoping to finish this book this year, haha!
Spent the day vaccinating people and it was the best.
Hands down the best investment I’ve made this January! These are so fluffy!
As I was writing this it was snowing and wanted to document it this week because it bought me SO much JOY!

How has your week been? Let me know in the comments


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