This Week In Pictures – Week Fifteen

This week has been very busy, I’ve been doing a bit of adjusting at work and thats taken A LOT of my time. That’s why this blog post is one day late.

This week I’ve spent too much money!!! I’ve bought loads of new prodcuts, mainly on peoples advice. A few because when I’m overwhelmed I like to shop (don’t we all) is that you? please let me know there are more people like me out there.

If you have tried any of these prodcuts please let know!

It’s been easter since I spoke to you all, I spent it working all the bank holiday weekend! Tried to festive it up a bit
A friend bought me an egg! How cute! Totally unexpected

The hylamid has made a difference in TWO days!!!!

l.white 2021
Daily Walk and that!

Have you guys been to Flavour town in Richmond? It’s AMAZING!!


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