This Week In Pictures- Week Two

So… It’s week two and I’m back with another weekly snapshot. I’m as shocked as you are that I’ve managed two weeks doing these. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I enjoy making them.

This week was just like any other week in lockdown. Lots of Zoom and Whatsapp video calls, I caught up with some of my girlfriends who I haven’t managed to see in a while which was lovely, we’ve been on our daily walks and then of course there is always work.

A highlight this week was filming IGTV’s for ChisemCasa, a joint Instagram that I have with my husband Matt. It’s whats keeping us sane in lockdown. (give us a follow if you don’t already)

Wasn’t sleeping on the job (PROMISE), this was just for the photo
Night Shift Snacks (What else can I show you when I’m on nights?)
Night Shift Snacks (What else can I show you when I’m on nights)?

WOAH!!! This is not the usual night shift Lydia we are all used to seeing… the power of makeup!
Shape shifting mirrors at work (this is my leaving work post nights)
Some of us at work got gifted some Cif goodies. Here’s mine!
Ended my week with at night shift in adult ITU.

Let me know if you are enjoying these weekly snapshots, love hearing your feedback.


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