This Week In Pictures- Week One

Well, isn’t this unusual…. I’M BACK! And this time it hasn’t been too long either. I’m hoping to aim to upload once a week in Lockdown 3.0.

I’ve been really inspired by my last post and the response that it got from lots of you. I thought that this would be a nice thing to do while we are in Lockdown 3.0. I can remember looking through similar posts on the national geographic website, lol!! Don’t expect that sort of quality or calibre here (although the inside of the hospital looks like something that you would see on the national geographic channel at the moment).

This week has been a bit of a round up of 2020 (aren’t we all feeling this way?). I loved seeing some of the decorations still up at work and also out on our walks. This week’s photos feature work very heavily, I was going to apologise for that but that is my reality at the moment. Aren’t we all just working and walking? What else is there for us to do now anyways?

02:15 in the morning while at work
Nearly at the end of my shift waiting for handover to finish
Wasn’t going to include this- but this photo shows my reality!
We are LOVING 24 at the moment- have you watched it?!
Very last of the decorations on our evening walks
This is how I turn up to work in the morning! Told you I walk through the hospital with these under eye masks on- they are linked in my blog shop page.

Loving these weekly round ups; are you? They will be uploaded on Friday, Saturday or Sunday all through Lockdown 3.0.


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