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I had this idea a good few weeks ago but haven’t been able to get any time to sit down at my laptop and write this post (boo tear, I KNOW!). Since I had the idea and been eagerly waiting to write this I’ve noticed that a few people on you-tube and a few beauty bloggers have been doing the same. It’s so encouraging to see bloggers and you tubers supporting each other and talking positively about each other, it’s what we need more of! It’s all about spreading the love people! The blogs mentioned are a complete mixture of different styles and  they each focus on really different things. From beauty,  health, recipes, fitness, interiors, lifestyle and personal experiences, it really just shows my varied interests in so many different things. I love reading these sorts of blogs because it really can introduce you to some gems out there, so I hope you like reading this one. So here goes…

Tanya Burr- Tanya has just relaunched her blog and it looks STUNNING! I am absolutely loving the fact that there are loads of pictures on there and she really gives you an insight into her opinions. She has recently put up some blog posts about her honeymoon and she just looks amazing! Her blog posts are varied and I really like that, some are about beauty, some are hauls, favourites you name it she’s got it. Head on over and give it a read. If you are anything like me you will be hooked straight away!

Kate La Vie- The look of this blog is just EXQUISTE, If you are into photography at all she’s the lady to follow. Her photos are always always on point no matter what she’s blogging about, whether its travelling the world or simply in her living room every single photo is to die for. I also really love the way she writes, it’s like she’s having a conversation with you. Basically guys I am just obsessed with anything Kate La Vie and she’s definetly one to check out. BLOG GOALS!!!

Ramblings of Janey- This beautiful lady is a friend of mine and her makeup skills are on point!! Her blog is a great place to go for beauty tips but also just to see what she’s been up to. She is really passionate about her blog and that really comes through in the way she writes and what content she puts out there. Head over and leave a comment saying you are from here and I know she will love that.

Poppy Deyes- Poppy is another one for amazing photography! She is really talented at candid action shots, making them look effortless. Poppy’s blog also looks stunning and is really easy to navigate around. From cakes to interiors is what you will find over on poppy’s blog.

Annarachaelsfeelgoods- This gorgeous lady is also a friend of mine and her blog is a great place to go for amazing recipes that are SO SO good for you. Anna does a great job of making healthy eating and cooking look effortless and easy. Her mouth-watering recipes will leave you hooked and waiting for her next post. Head on over and check some out.

Viviannadoesmakeup- Anna’s (viviannadoesmakeup real name) blog is also very pleasing to look at, its easy to navigate and I love her writing style. There is everything from fitness to beauty to interiors on her blog and it’s a great place to go for inspiration and just to have a noisy at some of the hottest beauty products around. I love her reviews of makeup products. They are honest and really informative, I trust her opinion on things and she is really upfront about price and value for money which is really refreshing.

All the links to each of the blogs mentioned is there for you to click on and head straight over to the sites to have a look. Hope you guys have liked this very waffly post from me.

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