The LW Five- April

This month’s favourites is a bit different, a lot less beauty focused and a lot more lifestyle focused. This month has been hectic to say the least. My shifts at work have been very busy and I’ve been doing loads of nights (which I really enjoy) 

I’ve been trying to have more off screen time, especially when I’m with Matt (my husband) we are both trying to encourage each other to read more. We’ve really been enjoying our digital free coffee dates. I’ve been reading Adam Kay’s book and its HILARIOUS! Being in the NHS definitely makes this book more funny and relatable, would highly recommend it. 

If you follow me over on Instagram (@life_by_lyd) then you will know that I’ve recently finished all the shades that I have of the itcosmetics your skin but better CC cream (silent tear). We don’t have anywhere that stocks it here in Canterbury so I either have to order it into store (which isn’t that hard and I need to start doing) or I get it when I go to London. Well, I recently got caught out and didn’t have any so I’ve been trying out the Maybelline Dream Urban Cover foundation and I LOVE IT! The texture is a little bit more runny than the itcosmetics and the coverage is a little more, but its a great dupe. 

I have recently really been loving listening to podcasts on my commute to work. I have about roughly an hour  commute each way to work so have been listening to loads. I’ve really been loving the Emma Guns one, Happy Mum, happy baby (can’t wait to listen to the new series), the fringe of it, on the line, couples therapy, pretty big deal and the list goes on and on. Really great to engage your mind in something on the commute rather than just listening to music (love a good sing song every now and then) 

I’ve been wanting an aerochino since they came out basically and when I saw this version in Aldi I practically jumped over people to get it off the shelf. I LOVE coffee!! I mean i’m a nurse who works mainly nights (coffee=life) This saved us a lot of money and it works just as well as any others I have researched (yes, I’ve researched a few) I’ve been also saving money by not buying so many coffees from coffee shops and making them at home. As hard as I try nothing tastes as good as the shop bought stuff. 

Last but not least… CLEANING!!! I’ve always been a clean freak but this month I decided to turn my obsession into a passion. I’ve started a home Instagram account (@chisemcasa) where you can follow all my weird and wonderful tips and tricks to keep the house clean and tidy. Honestly I’ve been loving it so far. It not only motivates me to keep the house clean (I didn’t need much more motivation) but its also super fun. I’m hoping to pick up a few tips and tricks myself from others along the way too. 

Let me know what you’ve been loving this month in the comments below. 



  1. Becky
    30th April 2019 / 6:39 am

    I was wondering how practical the aeroccino is? I really wanted to get one for my husband’s birthday, but I assumed it would be one of thosr products you buy, but never actually use. Do you really use it every time you make coffee? Is it easy and low maintanence? I’d really love to know. Thanks

    • Lydia White
      30th April 2019 / 8:54 pm

      I absolutely LOVE the fake aeroccino from Aldi, I use it every time I make coffee in the cafetiere which is most days, its really easy to use and very simple to clean as well. I would highly recommend it, its great for the price it is.

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