The LW Five- February

Well…. This has been a while hasn’t it?!? This is something that I wanted to keep up regularly but as I keep saying lately life just catches up with you somehow everything just falls away. This series is something that I really want to commit to this year, I want to be consistent and aim to do the LW five EACH MONTH.

This month’s LW Five are products I’ve been using to help me sleep better and to inject a bit of life into my dry skin and hair. Even starting to think about spring a little too!!

  1. ThisWorks Deep sleep Pillow Spray – This is INCREDIBLE, I’ve mentioned this quite a lot on the blog already and its because I just can’t get enough of it. I have this on my bedside table and some months I just don’t reach for it and then when I start using it again I always think WHY LYDIA WHY?!!? It really DOES work and I love the smell of lavender. It also helps when you have an awful sleep pattern to do with shift work.
  2. Ted Baker Eye Mask- Another item that’s been helping me sleep with my bad sleep pattern to do with nights. Now that its getting a little bit sunnier I need to block that out when I’m on nights to get a bit sleep in the day and this works a treat. I go through one of these a year and this one was given to me by my sister for my birthday this year.
  3. The body Shop Vitamin C Skin reviver- I’ve been loving this product for a while now, it’s SUPER hydrating and I love how it sits on the skin. I use it as a primer/moisturiser in one. Again with the dry warm wards and the cold winter air this has been keeping my skin moisturised.
  4. Jo Malone orange bitters and English pear and freesia- These were a present from my husband for my birthday this year and I’ve been loving wearing them together. It’s also been bringing a bit of spring to some of these dull winter days.
  5. Moroccan oil treatment- This has been helping my hair stay hydrated when it’s been facing cold winter days and hot heat on the wards. I use this about once or twice a week and it just brings a surge of moisture but not in a greasy gross way.

I’m going to start this new section where I give honourable mentions, these are things that I’ve really really been loving this month but for some reason they didn’t make it into the LW Five or things that have just come onto my radar so I can’t say I’ve been loving them ALL month, you guys get the idea.

This month I only have one honourable mention and it’s the Kiehls Cactus flower and Tibetan ginseng hydrating mist. This has been a life saver for me, especially doing long shifts and long hours in a hospital setting. My skin can get VERY dry and dehydrated but a quick spritz or two and I’m sorted morning and night. I don’t keep one of these in my locker at work but if they did a smaller size I would definitely have one in there!

All these products are in my shop page, there are direct links to the products; Let me know if you have used any of these products and if you like them.


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