I never want to deceive any of my readers and as the integrity of bloggers is always in question I just wanted to clear up a few grey areas. Everything on LifeByLyd was created by me Lydia (unless otherwise stated)

I take all my own photos and mainly use my iPhone XR to shoot all my content

I know that bloggers are influential when it comes to beauty and fashion so I always want to be as honest as possible with my readers. All of the products I review I buy myself or have tried already and just want to share them with you so you can enjoy them too. I never get sent products to review. When reviewing products I like to leave it up to you guys to decide for yourselves what you think, so rather than just say I don’t or do like something, I weigh up the pros and cons and add in my thoughts (maybe a little too much sometimes)  I want to be 100% honest, i have never been sent something to review but if I ever do, I would never recommend it to you if I myself wouldn’t go out and purchase it. I am never paid to feature any products on this blog.

I always want to be honest and open with my readers and would never intentionally mislead anyone.

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