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So we can’t talk Christmas without talking Christmas drinks! The Starbucks ‘red cup’ has now become a well-known accessory to our Christmas Instagram posts. As you may well know from previous posts, I am a HUGE Starbucks fan! Yes, I am one of those people who waits for the coveted ‘red cups’ each year and can’t wait to get my hands on that Christmas blend latte.

So this year as a little experiment I thought I would try out some other Christmas drinks from high street coffee shops and let you all know what I thought. The result of this little experiment was shocking, stay tuned and find out why!

DISCLAMER!! I haven’t gone to every single coffee chain and tried every single Christmas drink! Sorry if your favourite drink is not included, I visited a few of the high street coffee shops we have here in Canterbury. If you have a well-known Christmas drink where you live please comment below and let me know what it is I would love to know.

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So onto the taste test, I tested 4 Christmas drinks (I know there are 5 cups in the picture but the Waitrose coffee wasn’t a Christmas coffee they just had a Christmas cup)

Costa- I reeeeeeally didn’t like this Christmas drink I tried from costa, it was a salted caramel cappuccino. I think they are much better at the summer flavours and am a fan of their green tea and mint summer iced drink they do. But yeah, think they are better sticking to summer drinks. A good effort but not sold on the costa Christmas drinks and won’t be going back there for anymore.

Starbucks- As expected I thoroughly enjoyed this gingerbread latte from Starbucks and have been back for many more since the taking of this picture. I particularly would like to mention this years ‘Christmas blend’ if you are heading to a Starbucks make sure you ask them to make your drink with the Christmas blend. It doesn’t have to be Christmas drink, it can be a regular latte. Also would like to mention the hot mulled fruit drinks, ive tried both and both are incredibly festive and delicious! Give them a go!

Waitrose- As mention previously this was just a standard latte but I really did appreciate the festive cup, it made me smile and get in the festive spirit.

Mcdonalds- I had a toffee nut latte from Mcdonalds and normally the coffee is really good but this particular drink was more sugar than coffee! Don’t really know what else I was expecting from their Christmas drinks.

Café Nero- This was my dark horse drink! I had the winter berry latte and it was DIVINE! I have had at least another two since this picture was taken and every time they have been amazing!! I didn’t get cream with mine, word of warning for those who don’t want cream either! Make sure they put the berry sauce on top even if you don’t want the cream because it’s just too good not to have! I really loved the berry mixed with coffee and felt it was a nice change from the normal cinnamon, toffee, caramel Christmas coffee drinks that are around.

As you can tell I like to drink a lot of coffee and have really enjoyed ‘researching’ all the different Christmas drinks that are around at the moment. I have to say my two front runners are the café Nero winter berry latte and the starbucks gingerbread latte.

Comment below and let me know what your favourite Christmas drink is!

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  1. Georgia
    7th December 2015 / 9:55 am

    Surprised Nero was top – their coffee has always been my least favourite alongside Costa! There are Christmas drinks at Waitrose, you should try the gingerbread latte!

    • Lydia White
      8th December 2015 / 5:52 pm

      Yeah me too! Try it Georgia!

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