Lets Talk About Snacks

Honestly, if I could just eat snacks for the rest of my life then I would, i’m all about that snack life. After Carly Rowena and Anna posted similar posts recently I wanted to share my favourite snacks.

As i’m trying to be healthier in general I like to keep my snacks healthy as well. DISCLAIMER, I don’t claim to be a health guru or nutritionist but in general these snacks are much better for you than a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps.


Iv’e already written individual blog posts about some of these products so scroll back and find them if you want some more in depth details about these products.

I usually have the bounce, pulsin and nakd bars after a workout as a snack, the trek and eat natural bars I have as a mid morning snack or sometimes for breakfast if I have a sneaky lie in (we all need one every once and a while) The salted caramel bites from nakd i just have as a anytime snack.

I’ve recently really really got into the Livia’s Kitchen Raw millionaire bites, actually… head over to her instagram to see my picture there (exciting ey?!) I really like all the flavours hence the reason they don’t stay empty for too long.

The proper corn sweet and salty popcorn is one of my all time favourites because you can get your sweet and salty cravings sorted in one go, SORTED!!

The kallo rice crackers are delicious and really are a great healthier alternative to curb your chocolate cravings.



Let me know what your favourite healthier snacks are…





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