Madeleine Shaw – Get the Glow

I was really inspired from scrolling through the first few pages on this cookbook last night that I decided to write a quick review on it. I’ve had this book since Christmas 2015 and this is madeleine’s FIRST book. She has since released a second book (Ready, steady, glow) which I will be going out and purchasing very soon!!


This book is such an all-rounder and it’s not restrictive in anyway, it covers everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert. It also has some amazing smoothie recipes (SO GOOD!!!) and great snacks too! Basically anything you will ever need is in this book and it’s all good, clean, and healthy eating which is so good for you!

Particular recipes that I just LOVE from this book are the raw superfood balls – my fridge is always full of one kind of these ever since I got this book. The chia seed jam which I am constantly remaking every time I finish it so that I always have some stock in my fridge, the raw chocolate brownies are the easiest to make and also the tastiest things EVER! These are only a few of my favourites; I could literally go on forever about all the recipes I love in this book (as you can see I’ve bookmarked a few pages that I regularly visit)


Other than the recipes I really loved the front pages of this book which essentially walk you through a six week guide to detoxing from your old ways and habits and educating you along the way. There are TONS of helpful tips hidden in these pages so if you have this book and you haven’t read those pages then I would highly recommend it!! The reason I liked these pages so much (the pages most people just skip through in a recipe book) is because they are so uplifting and positive. There are so many pages all about how to love your body and how to be positive about the changes you are making and the lifestyle that you are choosing. There is a whole section on self- love and thinking positively, I follow madeleine on social media (twitter, Instagram and youtube) *go follow her for even more amazing recipes and advice* and she is always sp positive and uplifting. Its nice to see someone putting out so much positivity.


Have you tried any recipes from this book? Or madeleine’s second book? What are your favourites?

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