Center Parcs 2020

I remember being a teenager and going to center parcs with my mum and siblings, I remember it being a real treat holiday. The memories of sitting down with my mum to plan out all the activities we were going to do was SO exciting!!!

This year we planned to go on a couples trip, me and matt, my sister and brother in law and my cousin and her husband. We went for 4 days, and we crammed everything we possibly could into those 4 days!! We did cycling, swimming, mini golf, aqua sports, tennis, badminton and so much more.

The experience on a whole was an overwhelming positive one, we enjoyed all the activites that we booked and really made the most out of them, the one that I wouldnt book again is the mini golf. This is because it wasn’t the best quality for money in my opinion, as a group we all sort of had this view and as 6 adults it was the least enjoyable for us (we ofcourse made it fun in our own way)

We booked the cheapest accomodation there was and it absolutely did the job perfectly! It had all your essentials that you needed, no frills but it was all there. If…. I mean when we go again we will be going for the bigger accomodation just so everyone can get a bit more sleep. I say this because if someone was up, everyone was up. You could pretty much hear everything that was going on in the accomodation wherever you were. We were 6 adults in a small..ish space. We spent the majority of time outside of the Lodge so we didn’t really notice it really. We stayed in the Fir Lodges (that will mean something when you are booking, trust me!)

The absolute highlights for me were the outdoor tennis courts, they were just stunning! Me and Matt played every morning with my sister and brother in law joining the second morning and it really is worth every penny. SO beautiful amoung the forest trees.

The water park also didnt dissapoint in any way shape or form, this you don’t have to pay for and it is included in your stay. In these coronavirus times you can book ahead 2 time slots per stay each being 2 hours long. We all said this one was one of our favourite things to do.

We cycled everywhere and I really loved that, its a big place and I would reccommend it to save time. Its a great workout though! Lots of up hill. I got so much more confident on my bike while I was there and really loved that!

The setting is just spectacular, so beautiful and scenic.

Badminton was another one of the highlights for us, all 6 of us loved it so much we booked another session in where we could.

For me personally I loved that there were TWO starbucks places on site to grab a quick coffee.

Just a few Top Tips I would have found useful knowing:

  1. Take only gym clothes, lounge clothes and swim stuff- you don’t need any fashion forward pieces here.
  2. Plan simple meals- nothing fancy
  3. Take your own bikes where you can.
  4. Try and plan your days out each day maximising all the activities you can.
  5. The less screen time while there the better- the wifi wasn’t the best

Overall I couldn’t recommend this break enough! It’s totally worth the hype and the money.



  1. Grace
    14th September 2020 / 9:38 am

    Love all the tips and would totally agree! Make the most of the activities. I only ever wore comfy/workout clothes and definitely don’t rely on TV or WiFi! Can’t wait to go again!! Beautiful photos!

  2. Your Husband Matt
    14th September 2020 / 12:48 pm

    Such a great trip, can’t wait to go again!

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