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Next in my series of gift guides is the gift that is for anyone at any time! I have given these to so many people for so many different occasions (much to my husbands dismay). I made one of these when I asked my friends to be my bridesmaids for my wedding, it’s my go to gift for my grandparents most years at Christmas and I’ve even sent one of these to my sister just to cheer her up when she was feeling down after a break up. What sort of gift is so versatile and never fails to please I hear you ask? Its the trusty old HAMPER!

In this post I thought I would go through the basics of putting together the ideal hamper as well as throwing in a few ideas that can take your hamper to the next level. The next level hamper is great for personalising your hamper to suit the occasion and/or person. This post is all about ideas for Christmas!!! You can have a look at my older post about my bridesmaid hamper.

If there is anything here that you don’t like, or the person you are giving to won’t like, the beauty of a hamper is you can just pick and choose what you want to put in it and personalise it any way you like.

The one thing I will say about a hamper is that it does tend to be pricier than your average gift. Just because you are buying several things and presenting them altogether as opposed to buying one or two presents. However, if you are wanting to give a special gift and are willing to spend a little extra then this is the option for you.

Lets start with the most obvious few things, spreads, chutneys, cheeses and beverages.

Any alcohol will do for a hamper. It’s usually best to persoanlise this bit and go with the person ypu are giving to’s preference. However, if you’re looking for a recommendation, these bottles from M&S are really lovely. I got one of these for Christmas last year and LOVED it.

However, this is quite pricey at £35 considering its only one part of the hamper. This taste the difference mulled wine is £5 and really festive and delicious

To top off the edible portion of this hamper its always nice to throw in something sweet! A classic Christman pudding or some yummy mince pies will always be a big hit. I sometimes like to throw in some Christmas chocolates. If you are looking for something a little more special then Hotel Chocolat have a really nice christmas range of chocolates.

Everyone loves a good mug! There are tons of options out there but these mugs from next are only £6 and are easily personalised with the letter of your choice

Next is SOCKS! I always find that New Look have quite a nice range of socks at Christmas and usually in store they are 3 pairs for £6.

Another classic is a candle. TK Maxx have a huge range if you are wanting to go out and about to buy things for the hamper. OR this set from Next is really cut and sweet so fresh!

Now for the fun stuff. To take your hamper to the next level I think personalisation is the most important.

If the person you are making the hamper for is into beauty and/or self care then I think its a great idea to throw in a Lush bath bomb, face mask or even some hand cream (this one is always a great option for anyone who works in healthcare).

If you know someone with a bit of a green thumb then a plant pot or gardening accessory would bring the hamper to a whole new level. These little animals are only £5.95 and are such a cute little addition to your houseplants.

Even a good old DVD could be a good idea if it fits with the theme of the hamper – I added the DVD ‘Bridesmaids’ to the hamper for my bridesmaids

To make it extra special and personal I love to add a picture frame with a good picture of them with family members or with you.
Finally, a staple in our family is a nice print with a really nice bible verse or quote. We buy our prints from a shop called Izzy and Pop.

My final piece of advice – Usually a hamper is put into a wicker basket, which always looks great however, I find that they can be quite expensive. In the past, I have tried to find a reasonably priced gift box and some tissue paper to present my hampers in, I have found that this works really well.

This post was co written with Grace Curtis Rendall.


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