This Week In Pictures- Week Eleven

I’m back again! I managed to get this done for another week and I’m proud of that! This week has been another busy one with work and getting jobs done. I have made a new skincare bag for my nights, my skin has been bad lately and I really want to tackle it head on.

I went to richmond again to see my sister and it was as lovely as ever. There are really signs of spring everwhere now! I’m so excited for things to start opening and for shopping!!!

I’ve been updating my shop page on my blog so head over there if you are looking for any links about things I’ve shared lately. I hope you enjoy another week of pictures.

TIred eyes and long nights
A skincare bag I’ve put together for my nights. Let me know if you want a post on this.
Masks are the new accessory
Snapshot of a walk the other day
Long nights and tired eyes
Saw this while on a walk
Nice view of the Shard
We took this while filming for ChisemsCasa


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